Adam Crosse

Business Mogul


Adam Crosse is 5’11". He has buttery gold blonde hair and very rare violet blue eyes. Adam has the build of a man who regularly works out. He typically dresses himself in grey suits and crisp white linen shirts.


Adam Damian Crosse is the newest multimillionaire playboy to hit the cover of GQ. His rise to fame and fortune has been covered in Time Magazine as their person of the year. Adam started out as a poor scholarship student at non other than Harvard Business school. Even before he left college, Adam had made such smart stock trading that he earned his first million.

Adam has since diversified his wealth into the communications industry as well as the Bio-Engineering field. His latest acquisition was Heka-Tech, a small Bio-Medical firm which has shown great progress in the cellular regeneration and limb restoration.

Adam Crosse

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