Charlie Kelley




Charlie was once the co owner of the bar in south Philly. He and two long time friends went into business together and while they were never rich they made it by ok and the feeling of being your own boss goes a long way in the happiness of your average guy. He was always the most handy of the 3 so he was often relegated to doing a lot of the maintenance which was jokingly referred to as “Charlie work”. While not always the most pleasant it did equip Charlie with quite the ability to finagle and rig up things to keep the bar working so business could go on while not dipping into the profits too much. He also attained a decent ability to fight and read ill intentions in people that came from just years of working in the bar. He even became a halfway decent shot due to a short lived experiment with keeping a gun at the bar for security.

Working in the bar was pretty much his whole life. He had never left Philadelphia and honestly didn’t want to…

All this changed one Friday afternoon when he came to the bar to prepare for the weekend crowd and found the most horrific scene he had ever layed eyes on. His friend Mac in the middle of the floor with his guts ripped open as though an animal had devoured his insides and his other Friend Dennis behind the bar, broken bottles everywhere and the same thing having happened to him. He grabbed his friend and shook him in desperation but of course he received nothing but blank stares and bloody hands and clothes.

After dropping to his knees and vomiting, Charlie managed to fish his phone out to call the police. He just kept screaming that his friends were dead and that there was blood everywhere!

The police came, investigated and tried to ask Charlie what had happened. They looked at him, covered in blood and began to ask him questions about where he had been that night, what had happened, had there been a fight, were his 2 friends and him angry at eachother. He of course explained that everything was normal with the 3 of them and that he had just come from home to start preparing the bar for Friday night.

The police seemed… uncertain. However they had no real evidence of anything nefarious so they would just keep asking questions to which they got the same answers until they finally let him go home.

Charlie couldn’t sleep that night or many many to come. After taking a week off he tried to go back to the bar but despite interest in the bar being up due to peoples macabre interest in things he couldn’t stand to be there. He would see his friends dead, bloody on the floors and would have to close. What made it worse was that the police had no answers as to what happened. They seem to think that he was the one with the answers and kept inquiring. They even asked him not to leave the city so they could ask any questions they might have.

Charlie tried to do some research on anything that sounded like what had happened to his friends. Trying to find some closure he became obsessed with werewolves or ghouls or anything else that was know for eating the flesh of humans.

Charlie eventually started chasing leads. Anything he could find that gave him information on the occult. Finally he got a lead that lead him out of town.
He opened for a couple nights and basically gave the booze away to make some money and then caught a train to Seattle. The lead turned out to be a complete hoax and he’s out of money and has been basically wandering around homeless for a few months. He’s managed to find a few jobs here and there because of his skills but wont stay anywhere too long for fear that either the police or whatever monsters that killed his friends might be searching for him.

Charlie Kelley

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