Shadow Games

To sleep perchance to dream
Day 1

It was so cold and so dark. They threw the chains over me so long ago. I thought I was going to die, but I didn’t. I panicked at first but after a while I couldn’t even panic. Eventually I let myself let become sleepy and dreamy. I waited growing colder and my vision growing darker. That’s when the handsome boy child saved me.

He pulled me out of the water and held me while the water drained from my lungs.
When I could move again others had entered the lab. Two grizzled men with haunted looks, a young girl in an expensive dress, and a older thin man with a strange look in his eyes.

They dragged me up into the moonlight and my mind screamed. I could hear death closing in around us. I could see the shape of it coming towards me. Then my voice manifest my mind’s distress. I screamed. A woman toppled down the steps and her neck snapped like so many twigs. A patch on her clothes burned into my mind’s eye.


My saviors fled from a group of military men in black. The grizzled men killed two of them while the handsome boy carried me to a car hidden away in a barn. We sped into the night. The six of running from a burning camp.

We drove into the woods getting lost twice. Then we traveled through the wood toward the highway. The car did not make it, but on the other side my family was waiting.


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