Character Bio

A few helpful words

You may write a character bio, if you so choose. I’m not requiring them. If you do decide to write them keep them short and sweet, no more than four or five paragraphs. Childhood, important life lessons/ dramatic events, sense of self, and how they came to their current position/ circumstance. Be descriptive, but keep the length easy to search through.

Important NPCs

-This is an absolute…sorry.

If you want an NPC to be an important/large part of the game it works best if I’m constantly reminded of their existence. Write a description of them and their stat block into the character section and link it into your bio. This will just make it easier to find everything if i need their info on the fly. Try and limit your self to one game active NPC at character creation.

Only two requirements

I only have two things I MUST HAVE from you.

  1. Your Character needs a bit of life to them. They just need to actively particpate in conversations. (Simple Roleplaying will do, and I know you guys can do that.)
  2. Your Character must have a reason to get along with and continue to work with the group. Playing a loner or rude character is fine, but make sure you don’t accidentally roleplay your way out of the game.

Character Bio

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