Character Creation

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Character Sheet

  • The Basics

A. Record the character Name, the Player name, the Chronicle name, and the character Concept.

B. Record the character’s VIRTUE.

C. Record the character’s VICE.

  • Attribute Assignment

A. You must select ATTRIBUTES, which represent your character’s innate capabilities. Start by prioritizing the three categories.

B. There are three categories of Attributes: Mental (Intelligence, Wits, Resolve), Physical (Strength, Dexterity, Stamina), and Social (Presence, Manipulation, Composure). Though “Power,” “Finesse,” and “Resistance” are listed to the left of the Attributes on the character sheet, do not use them as category headers during character creation.

C. Your character begins with one dot in each Attribute automatically, which are already filled in on the character sheet and are considered free dots.

D. Place 5 additional dots in any configuration into the three Attributes of your primary category. All dots spent are in addition to the free starting dot in each Attribute.

E. Place 4 additional dots in any configuration into the three Attributes of your secondary category. All dots spent are in addition to the free starting dot in each Attribute.

F. Place 3 additional dots in any configuration into the three Attributes of your tertiary category. All dots spent are in addition to the free starting dot in each Attribute.

G. Please note that placing a fifth dot in any Attribute costs two dots to purchase.

  • Skill Assignment

A. You must select SKILLS, which represent your character’s learned capabilities. Start by prioritizing the three categories (MENTAL, PHYSICAL, and SOCIAL).

B. Your character does not gain any free dots to start out with.

C. Please note that placing a fifth dot in any Skill costs two dots to purchase.

  • Skill Specialties

A. Adult characters must select 3 free Skill Specialties of their choice.

C. You may assign each specialty however you like, whether you assign all of them to a single skill or spread them out over three different skills.

D. There is no limit to how many Specialties can be assigned to a single Skill.

E. A Skill specialty adds +1 die to rolls involving that specialty.

  1. Supernatural Template

A. Add in the Hunter Template, as discussed here.

- Some of the options are applicable only to hunters at particular tier levels.

B. Choose a PROFESSION for your character. This may be your job or a primary activity/interest focus.


- Each Profession has two Asset Skills, which represent training or areas of expertise that are particularly pertinent to that Profession. After choosing a Profession for your character, look at the Asset Skills listed for that Profession and choose a free Skill Specialty in one of them. This will bring your character’s total starting Skill Specialties to four.

C. You will be considered tier three, and therefore in a Conspiracy:

- Tier Three (Conspiracies) span the globe and often the centuries. You will be a part of TASK FORCE: VALKYRIE. Membership within this conspiracy offers hunters not only support and solidarity, but each also has developed certain unique resources called Endowments, which are available to members only.

- Choosing a compact or conspiracy requires at least one dot of the Status Merit in the appropriate group.

  • Advantages

A. Record your HEALTH, which is equal to your Stamina + Size scores.

B. Record your WILLPOWER score. Willpower is equal to Resolve + Composure.

C. Record your MORALITY score. Starting Morality is always a 7.

- At Storyteller option, you may trade dots of Morality for Experience Points at character creation. One dot of Morality is equal to 5 Experience Points. Remember lowering your morality means you had prior contact with the supernatural, or have committed acts of at least a questionable nature in your past.

D. Record your SIZE rating, which is 5 for most humans.

E. Record your SPEED score, which is equal to Strength + Dexterity +5.

F. Record your INITIATIVE modifier. Initiative is equal to Dexterity + Composure.

G. Record your DEFENSE rating. Defense is the lowest score of Dexterity or Wits.

H. Note that most advantages cannot be raised directly through Experience Points. You must instead raise the traits from which they are derived. (Morality is the exception).

I. Record your armor rating (if any) obtained from equipment.

  • Merits And Flaws

A. Record any selected MERITS. You have 7 dots to spread amongst them.

- Many of the Hunter Merits are restricted to specific tier-level characters or to characters in certain organizations, so be certain to check prerequisites when choosing them.

- You may opt to select from the regular mortal merits as well, provided the merit does not have a restriction (such as a note that it is for mortal characters only).

- ADVANCED ARMORY ENDOWMENTS are available for characters using Merit points. You must first purchase the Endowments Merit.

- The fifth dot in any Merit costs two dots to purchase.

- You must meet any prerequisites a Merit requires before taking that Merit.

  • Experience Points

You may, if you wish, write up a short character bio. Just create your character on the character page. No more than four paragraphs please. A picture would be appreciated. If you decide to do this you will add one practical exp point to the groups total.

Character Creation

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