The All-Faith Church of the Highest


Welcome to The Church of The AllFaith

The All-Faith Church first appeared about 17 years ago during the Y2K scare. Alot of crazy religions and doomsday cults popped up during that time preying on the fears of the weak. The Allfaith Church is different in that they have not only lasted they’ve thrived. The founders of the church are High Priestess Monica “Zell” Nightbane and Honorary Cleric Andrew C. Keigen.

Since the year 2000 the Church has gained notoriety for it’s free music festivals, celebrity member, and rich donors. They hold regular retreats and have now even purchased private land for their most devout followers to practice their faith on. The doors of their Church are open to anyone except for special invitation only events.

The All-Faith Church of the Highest

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